Passbook Printer

Self Passbook Printing Machine is an automated kiosk where in customer can print there passbook on their own. … Self Service Passbook Printer (SPPM) is a fully automated machine having the ability to auto flip, auto align and update the customer passbook without any intervention of branch staff or the customer.


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Print Speed: 600 cps (Fastest Mode); 400 cps (Draft), 133 cps (LQ) at 10 cpi Resolution: up to 360 x 360 dpi Character Density: 10, 12, 15, 16.6, 17.1, 20 cpi Line Density: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 lpi Printhead: 24-pin, 400 million characters Memory: 256 KBytes Standard Connectivity: Parallel (Bi-directional), Serial RS-232 and USB 2.0 Standard Emulation: IBM 4722, IBM ProPrinter XL24E, Epson LQ (ESC P/2), Olivetti PR50/PR2/PR2e Fonts: Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, Souvenir, OCR-A/B, 10 Barcodes Consumables Ribbon: 10 million characters Standard Paper Handling Cut sheet: Front with auto align, auto load, auto edge & gap detections Number of Copies: 1 original + 6 copies * Paper Type: Cut sheets, multi-part forms, passbooks with a thickness up to 2.0 mm Paper Weight: 60 - 260 g/m² Paper Size Width: 70 to 240 mm; Length: 70 to 500 mm (cut sheet); Width: 105

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