Our Story

Libra Computer Aid (LCA) was established in 1988 just before the marketing of personal computers started to gain momentum in Bangladesh. LCA not only started its operations with the introduction and marketing of personal computers (PC) but it also served as a provider of total solution to its customer base. LCA acted as a supply source for dealers marketing world renowned brands in the country at that time, thus greatly facilitating the maintenance of service and warranty claims by these organizations.

The start of something new

However, with the convenience of publication, demands for printing solutions skyrocketed and became a necessity for many organizations. In 1995, we decided to go with the market demand and shifted our product lineup to printers. 

Our product managers introduced Dot Matrix Printers, High-Speed Line Impact Dot Matrix Printers and POS Printers, which became a hit among the companies and customers. Today LCA is the sole distributor in Bangladesh for some of the leading printer brands in the world like Tally Dascom, Tally Genicom, Pantum, CITIC, Jolimark, OKI, Kyocera, Compuprint, Microplex. In 2014, after  being an authorized supplier of SITA for Bangladesh, we entered into the business of Passport Scanner, Passport Reader Keyboard and Barcode Scanner. We also became the sole distributor of Asscess IS and DESKO at that time.We are proud to say that our product line caters not only to individual clients but also to diverse corporate places like Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Embassies, Pharmaceuticals, Airlines, Visa Agencies, Customs, Govt. & Private Water, Gas and Electricity Supply Authorities and Retail Networks.

What makes us Libra Computer Aid (LCA)?

✅ Quality Policy

At LCA, our team works day and night only to ensure and enforce our quality standards so that our consumers can enjoy the experience of the technical easiness of the best printer solutions. This is what defines the very existence of Libra Computer Aid. Customer satisfaction through quality service and products is what drives us.

✅ Effective quality management

We are continually improving our quality management system through periodic reviews and employee training programs to ensure effective enforcement of quality policies.

✅ Affordable Products

We maintain our operations within our financial goals and objectives to establish a competitive position in the market and meet the needs and expectations of all our customers and clients so that they receive affordable products that have the finest quality.

✅ ISO 9001: 2015 Standard

Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, we regulate and enforce quality policies and applicable regulations and manage all our operations to provide the best service out there. This compels us to accept only authentic products and services from suppliers.